Bluetooth Ethanol Content Analyzer + Fuel Temp Dongle
Bluetooth Ethanol Content Analyzer + Fuel Temp Dongle

Bluetooth Ethanol Content Analyzer dongle. (Android support only)

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Protected: Custom Bluetooth Ethanol Analyzer Kit
Protected: Custom Bluetooth Ethanol Analyzer Kit

Fully assembled and tested:
$55 – Aether 2021 Dongle (10′ sensor wire GM Style pigtail, 5′ input/output/power wire lengths)
– LMV932MA Upgrade for 0-5v Input (allows for connecting ECT/IAT style sensors)
– PWM 0.5v-4.5v Analog Output
– PWM Raw Sensor Output
– Splash screen delay disabled for immediate flex-fuel calculations
$18 – Black Case
$20 – 0.5v-4.5v DAC Output Plug-n-play
$15 – OLED Display (5′ wire length)
$1   – ATM Fuse Tap

Dongle & OLED Display must be mounted inside vehicle (unit is not weather proof)

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Ceramic Ball Bearing
Ceramic Ball Bearing

This FR2-5ZZ twin shield ball bearing is the only size used in TurboKeychains & ScaledEngine products.  We source our bearings from an exclusive top tier supplier that allows us to do further customization during the manufacturing process that provides minimal parasitic drag.  This is one of the key advancements that gives the super crazy spin rates that seem to last FOREVER! price is for set of 2.

Bearing Material: Stainless Steel 440C
Ball Material: Ceramic SI3N4
ID (d): 0.1250″
OD (D) 0.3125″
Width: 0.1406″
Flange OD: 0.3594″
Flange Width: 0.0312″
Enclosure #: Twin Shields
Enclosure Material: Stainless Shield
Retainer Material: Stainless Steel
Radial Play: P25
Lube Proprietary: uLo 6cst
RPM Oil (x1000): 100.5
Dynamic Load (Kgf): 57
Basic Load (Kgf): 18
Working Temp Deg C: 121
Weight(g): .73

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OLED Display Kit
OLED Display Kit

+ OLED Display (0.96 inch 128X64 Yellow Blue IIC I2C SPI)
+ 10′ wire w/connectors

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This product has been superseded by TK10-R Turbo Keychain.


The newest GE series with many improvements over the GE-S1, some of which inherited from the “Race” version.  Upgraded features contain dual twin shield ball bearings, a newly designed metal HF (Hi-Flo) impeller, and lighter weight metal turbine.  Both impeller and turbine are interconnected to spin in unison and sounds just like a real turbo when spooling quickly. This is the most realistic turbo keychain, in addition includes a unique serial number with Spec Card for authenticity and 6 month warranty.

If you already own a GE-S1, sit tight. We will have upgrade and rebuild kits out shortly, along with some attachable downpipes for those RC folks:)

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